Braintree Community Arts Center to hold open house Saturday

An open house will be held for the public at the new Braintree Community Arts Center from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. “

BRAINTREE – The Braintree Community Arts Center was once just a vision of a few longtime residents who saw a space that could be put to good use.

Two and half years later, after many renovations that involved students from the Blue Hills Regional Technical School, the two-story colonial at 1969 Washington St. – once part of Norfolk County Hospital, is now complete.

An open house will be held for the public from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. “A couple of us got together with the idea. I knew the town owned the house when we bought that land. It’s been a long process,” said Barbara Sullivan, a member of the Braintree Community Arts Center.

“The town’s been very supportive,” she said. “We’ve done fundraising,” she said. “They’ve always been supportive of the arts.”

The open house will give people a chance to see the inside and learn about classes.

The center’s focus will be to provide an environment for artists of all ages and all levels.

Sullivan hopes people will come out and see the building, give feedback and ideas, as well as thoughts of what they want to see being taught there.

The open house will be an opportunity to see the building. “It’s to show people the building and work that’s been done, see the space, and to let people know about classes.”

Sullivan also hopes people will bring their own ideas for what the center will be.

The classes will begin a pay as you go system at first.

“A lot of people are dying for us to put the classes up, people are definitely interested in taking classes,” said Sullivan.

She said the center has held meetings for teachers.

Sullivan said there are no restrictions on what town people are from but if enrollment fills up, Braintree residents will have priority.

“We’re not going to exclude anyone from any towns right now,” she said.

The center is not a non-profit but donations are tax-deductible, said Sullivan.

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